Over Uniway Infocom's journey, we've consistently earned the trust and admiration of our customers, principals, and partners. Our solid bedrock of visionary principles, coupled with the remarkable dedication of our team, forms the bedrock of our success story. It's this very foundation that fills us with immense pride and fuels our unwavering commitment to excellence in everything we undertake.



Founder, Chairman & Managing Director

Uniway Infocom's journey began in 2014 under the visionary leadership of Mr. Piyush Arora, our Founder, Chairman, and Managing Director. His path to establishing Uniway Infocom was shaped by the inspiration he received from his father, who was a stalwart in the telecommunications industry.

Growing up with a father deeply immersed in telecommunications, Mr. Arora was exposed to the industry from a young age. His early experiences and conversations at the dinner table ignited a passion for telecommunications that would drive his career.

Overcoming the challenges and harnessing the knowledge passed down by his father, Mr. Arora transformed himself into a telecom enthusiast and entrepreneur. He established Uniway Infocom as a testament to the values and principles instilled in him by his father.

Under Mr. Arora's leadership, Uniway Infocom quickly gained recognition for its cutting-edge products and services, challenging industry norms, and setting new standards in the telecom sector.

Mr. Arora's distinctive approach to leadership encouraged a culture of creativity and adaptability within Uniway Infocom. He believes in nurturing talent and empowering his team to innovate and excel.

Today, Uniway Infocom stands as a symbol of family legacy and a testament to Mr. Arora's dedication to his father's vision. His story reminds us that inspiration can come from those closest to us, and true leadership carries forward the wisdom of generations.

Ashish Goel

Business Development Manager

Ashish Goel is a committed and skilled Business Development Manager at Uniway Infocom. He has a strong history in his field and is committed to promoting growth in the telecom industry. With more than 15 years of telecom and IT experience, Ashish uses his profound knowledge of business development, relationship management, team building, and sales and marketing to drive Uniway Infocom to new heights.

Because of his extensive experience in the field, Ashish has a thorough understanding of financial management, logistic management, and global business management. His methodical approach and goal-oriented perspective guarantee that he constantly produces excellent results in every area of the company.

Ashish plays a key role in creating and carrying out business strategy strategies at Uniway Infocom. He works closely with a variety of departments to create and execute operating roadmaps that support the goals of the business. When leading his team in everyday interactions, Ashish adopts a hands-on approach that motivates and inspires them to strive for excellence in whatever they do.

Ashish's vast experience encompasses both founding new companies and overseeing significant portfolios of prestigious brands throughout the world. This has been essential in making Uniway Infocom the area's top supplier of telecom solutions.
Ashish has a Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) in Communication & Electronics. He is an invaluable addition to Uniway Infocom and a major factor in the business' success in the cutthroat telecom sector because to his professional expertise and educational background.

Shri Prakash Pandey

Sales Manager

At Uniway Infocom, Prakash Pandey has been a seasoned and energetic sales manager since the company's founding in 2014. Prakash has been instrumental in making Uniway Infocom a premier supplier of telecom solutions. He has a deep understanding of the telecom industry and a strong drive for increasing sales.

Prakash has developed and implemented successful sales strategies since joining Uniway Infocom by utilizing his vast experience in business development, customer relationship management, and sales and marketing. His efforts have made a big difference in the company's growth and success in the very competitive telecom sector.

Prakash often meets and exceeds sales targets and is renowned for his methodical approach and results-driven mindset. The organization's culture of excellence and teamwork has been greatly enhanced by his capacity to create and manage high-achieving sales teams.
During his time at Uniway Infocom, Prakash has proven to have an exceptional grasp of consumer demands and market trends, which has allowed the business to customize its services and stay one step ahead of the competition. His leadership and strategic acumen have aided Uniway Infocom in acquiring and overseeing sizable client portfolios, boosting the company's standing and visibility in the marketplace.
The company's growth and success in the telecom sector are largely due to Prakash's unshakable adherence to the company's vision.