As the global landscape continues to evolve towards the convergence of Telecom Networks and Cloud-based services, the paramount importance of a reliable Communication Network cannot be overstated. At Uniway Infocom, we stand at the forefront of ensuring that your network not only meets but exceeds industry standards, setting your organization apart as a leader in the field.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our top-notch Test Solutions, ranging from cutting-edge Network Security to rigorous SIP Protocol Testing and innovative LTE Product Development and Testing. We possess the expertise necessary to address the unique challenges faced by Telecom Service Providers, offering comprehensive solutions for Product Engineering, Research & Development, and beyond.

In a world where communication reliability is a non-negotiable asset, Uniway Infocom is your trusted partner for staying ahead in the ever-evolving telecommunications landscape.

Telecom expertise is the bridge to tomorrow's connected world

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Uniway Infocom excels in Protocol Testing, Product Engineering, and Development, setting new standards in the telecommunications industry. Our dedicated teams are at the forefront of innovation, continuously pushing the boundaries of what's possible. In Protocol Testing, we ensure the seamless and reliable performance of networks, providing operators with the confidence they need to deliver top-tier services. In Product Engineering, our experts craft tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients, enabling them to stay competitive in a dynamic market. Through Development, we drive the creation of cutting-edge technologies that shape the future of communication. At Uniway Infocom, we're not just keeping up with the evolution of telecom; we're leading it.


    More than a decade of experience. Since the technology arrived.


    End-to-End Regression, Conformance, Load Testing for LTE, 3G, IMS & Interworking.


    Expertise on IP Security and networking, application layer / user simulation.


  • Product Engineering & Maintenance

    Core applications & scripting package development, EAST, ixLoad, dsTest proprietary tools. We engineer applications for LTE interfaces / protocols, 3G / IMS.

  • Telecom Testing & Automation

    Control & User plane tests, Real World Traffic Simulation, Intra-LTE & inter-RAT tests. Conformance, Regression, Load testing & test automation to reduce burden.

  • WebRTC for Telecoms

    WebRTC GW, Media GW, Application server and Media Server bridges telecom VoIP and IMS networks with an open ecosystem to deliver interoperable rich multiuser multimedia communication services.

  • Networking & IPSec

    Security protocol stack development like IPSec, SRTP, EAP, and SSL/TLS using open source libraries and hardware accelerators. Integrating crypto libraries and accelerators available with OpenSSL, Strongswan, Xpressent.

  • Network Function Virtualization & SDN

    Using hypervisor, cloud stack, open flow, Intel DPDK and SR-IOV to achieve high performance Virtual Network Functions (VNF) for deployed on virtual IMS, EPC and backhaul networks.

  • Enhancing Latest Networking / Cellular Technologies

    Deep domain expertise in range of in-house POC solutions to cover all requirements of LTE Silicon Vendors, OEMs, Network Equipment Manufacturer & operators

Advanced Testing Solutions

Whether you need engineering expertise or are looking to optimize your test investment, we can help you achieve it efficiently.

We support interfaces needed to test mobility: S10, S3, Gn, S4, S12, S101, S102, S103, Sv, IuPS, Gb, Gn, IuCS, A, A1, S2a, STa, Gxa and the entire gamut of LTE interfaces. We also support features needed to effectively test mobility: NACC, SRVCC, bearer continuity verification, response time measurements etc.

  • LTE EPC Testing

  • IMS & VoLTE Testing

  • End-to-End Network Monitoring

  • NFV & SDN Testing

  • Core Network Testig

  • Diameter Testing

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