Fujikura 88R

Fujikura 88R

The Fujikura 88R is the ultimate solution for today's data-driven world. As data demands continue to skyrocket, fiber counts in enterprise data centers, campuses, and metro networks are on the rise. This makes single fiber splicing slow and costly. Thanks to innovative technologies like SpiderWeb Ribbon® (SWR), ribbon splicing is becoming the norm even in places that traditionally used loose fibers. The Fujikura 88R addresses this shifting splicing landscape with a suite of automated features that enhance efficiency. Plus, it introduces a game-changing field-replaceable V-groove system to minimize downtime and keep your splicing operations running smoothly.


  1. Automated Splicing: The 88R streamlines the splicing process with automated splice initiation, tube heating, wind protection, cleave tracking, and support for up to two cleavers simultaneously.
  2. High Fiber Counts: Designed to handle the growing fiber counts in data centers and networks, making it a future-proof solution.
  3. Ribbon Splicing: Ideal for high-density cabling solutions like SpiderWeb Ribbon® (SWR) and similar innovations.
  4. Field-Replaceable V-Grooves: Minimize downtime with easily replaceable V-grooves for consistent performance.
  5. Efficiency Boost: Free up operator time for critical fiber preparation tasks, increasing overall project efficiency.
  6. Reliability: Fujikura's renowned reliability ensures dependable performance in the most demanding splicing environments.
  7. Adaptability: Suited for various applications, from enterprise data centers to sprawling campus networks.
  8. Compact Design: A compact and portable design for use in diverse environmental conditions.
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Fujikura 88R Mass Fusion Splicer: Redefining Efficiency in Fiber Optic Splicing

In an era where data consumption is on an unceasing ascent, the Fujikura 88R emerges as the undisputed workhorse of the splicing domain. The need to accommodate escalating fiber counts in enterprise data centers, sprawling campuses, and bustling metropolitan networks has rendered single-fiber splicing economically and temporally impractical. The proliferation of high-density cabling solutions, typified by the Spiderweb Ribbon® (SWR) and its counterparts, has catalyzed a surge in ribbon splicing even in arenas traditionally reliant on loose fiber.

The Fujikura 88R steps into this dynamic splicing landscape as the quintessential solution. This powerhouse of a splicer boasts an arsenal of automated functionalities: automated splice initiation, tube heating, wind protection, cleave tracking, and the remarkable ability to oversee blade rotations for up to two cleavers simultaneously. These automated capabilities liberate operators from the laborious aspects of splicing, empowering them to dedicate their time to more critical facets of fiber preparation.

A groundbreaking enhancement introduced with the 88R is the field-replaceable V-grooves. When V-grooves undergo extended usage and cleaning proves insufficient or accidental damage occurs, downtime becomes a matter of minutes. With the spare V-groove set thoughtfully included in your 88R kit, you can seamlessly recommence splicing operations, ensuring uninterrupted progress and peak efficiency in your fiber optic endeavors.

In essence, the Fujikura 88R Mass Fusion Splicer epitomizes adaptability and efficiency in the face of evolving data demands, solidifying its role as an indispensable ally for those navigating the ever-expanding realm of fiber optic splicing.