Uniway Q-48

Uniway Q-48

UNIWAY 48 in 1 IP QAM Modulator is Mux-scrambling-modulating all-in-one device developed by UNIWAY. It has 48 multiplexing channels, 48 scrambling channels and 48 QAM (DVB-C) modulating channels, and supports maximum 1536 IP input through the 3 GE ports and 48 non-adjacent carriers (50MHz~960MHz) output through the RF output interface. The device is characterized with dual RF output ports which broaden the bandwidth for QAM carriers.


* Max 1536 IP input thru 3 GE ports (SFP interface optional).
* Up to 512 PIDs remapping per output channel.
* Supports 6 simulcrypt CAs and 4 scrambling channels.
* 48 IP out over UDP/RTP/RTSP: IP 1~24 out thru Data1, IP 25~48 out thru Data2.
* 48 non-adjacent QAM carriers output: carrier 1~24 out thru RF1, carrier 25~48out thru RF2.
* Supports RS (204,188) encoding.
* Supports accurate PCR adjusting/CA filtering, PID remapping and PSI/SI editing.
* Web-based Network management.

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Introducing UNIWAY 48-in-1 IP QAM Modulator: Elevating Broadcasting Excellence

Prepare to revolutionize your broadcasting experience with the UNIWAY 48-in-1 IP QAM Modulator, a cutting-edge all-in-one marvel meticulously crafted by UNIWAY. This advanced device seamlessly integrates multiplexing, scrambling, and modulating functionalities, setting new standards in broadcasting versatility and performance.

Unprecedented Channel Flexibility: Featuring 48 multiplexing channels, 48 scrambling channels, and 48 QAM (DVB-C) modulating channels, the UNIWAY 48-in-1 IP QAM Modulator empowers broadcasters with unparalleled channel flexibility. Craft dynamic content experiences, ranging from live broadcasts to multimedia streaming, with precision and ease.

High-Volume IP Input: With support for a remarkable 1536 IP inputs through the 3 GE ports (SFP interface optional), this modulator ensures seamless integration of diverse content sources. Experience smooth, uninterrupted broadcasting by effortlessly accommodating a vast array of multimedia, data, and live streams.

Advanced Output Capabilities: Deliver your content with exceptional clarity through 48 non-adjacent carriers spanning from 50MHz to 960MHz via the RF output interface. The UNIWAY modulator goes a step further with dual RF output ports, broadening the bandwidth for QAM carriers. This ensures your audience receives content with unparalleled signal strength and quality.

Innovative Features for Customization: Customize your broadcasting content effortlessly with features such as up to 512 PIDs remapping per output channel. Additionally, the modulator supports 6 simulcrypt Conditional Access Systems (CAs) and 4 scrambling channels, allowing for secure content delivery without compromising on flexibility.

Seamless IP Streaming: Streamline your IP broadcasting with 48 IP outputs over UDP/RTP/RTSP. Channels 1 to 24 flow through Data1, while channels 25 to 48 seamlessly traverse Data2, ensuring a smooth and efficient IP streaming experience for both broadcasters and viewers.

Reliability Redefined: Built with robustness and reliability at its core, the UNIWAY 48-in-1 IP QAM Modulator ensures continuous operation even in the most demanding broadcasting environments. Trust in its stability for uninterrupted content delivery and a superior viewer experience.

Elevate your broadcasting endeavors to unprecedented heights with the UNIWAY 48-in-1 IP QAM Modulator. More than just a device, it's your gateway to a world where innovation meets performance, ensuring your content reaches audiences with unmatched clarity and impact. Embrace the future of broadcasting excellence today.