Uniway Q-64-10G

Uniway Q-64-10G

Q64-10G IP QAM processor is an all-in-one device which integrates multiplexer, scrambler and modulator in one body with maximum 112 DVB-C QAM channels output. With 10G switch built in, it can process 10G optical signal to work as a traditional QAM modulator. This processor is equipped with 2 card slots to load 32ch or 48ch or 64ch QAM card. Its high density helps operators to save cost to the most extent.


  • Support 3 SFP+ (10G)/SFP(1G) ports and 2 GE ports input & output from the front
    panel, or RJ45 GE ports input & output from daughter cards (32/48QAM).
  • High density, modularized plug-in design, 1U chassis with max 2 QAM cards.
  • Support multiplexer and scrambler with 6 CAS Simul-cryption.
  • Maximum 112 non-adjacent QAM carriers output.
  • Supports accurate PCR adjusting/CA filtering, PID remapping and PSI/SI editing.
  • Web-based Network management.
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Introducing the Uniway Q-64-10G: Your Network Powerhouse

Experience unmatched networking capabilities with the Uniway Q-64-10G, a powerhouse solution designed to transform your connectivity experience. This cutting-edge device redefines versatility, offering a range of features that cater to the demands of modern digital environments.

High-Speed Connectivity with Versatility: The Uniway Q-64-10G supports 3 SFP+ (10G)/SFP(1G) ports and 2 GE ports for input and output directly from the front panel. Alternatively, it accommodates RJ45 GE ports through daughter cards (32/48QAM). This exceptional versatility ensures your network can adapt to various connectivity requirements.

Modularized, High-Density Design: Featuring a modularized plug-in design within a compact 1U chassis, the Uniway Q-64-10G maximizes space efficiency. You can install up to 2 QAM cards, making it ideal for high-density networking environments where space is at a premium.

Robust Multiplexer and Scrambler: The Uniway Q-64-10G boasts multiplexer and scrambler capabilities with support for 6 CAS Simul-cryption. This means your network remains secure while efficiently handling multiple streams of data.

Unparalleled QAM Carrier Output: With a maximum output of 112 non-adjacent QAM carriers, the Uniway Q-64-10G ensures your network can handle a diverse range of channels and data streams without compromising on quality.

Advanced Network Control: Take control of your network with precision using features such as accurate PCR adjusting, CA filtering, PID remapping, and PSI/SI editing. These tools empower you to fine-tune your network for optimal performance and reliability.

Effortless Web-Based Management: Manage your network effortlessly with the user-friendly web-based network management interface. Monitor, configure, and optimize your network with ease, ensuring that it operates at its best at all times.

The Uniway Q-64-10G is more than just a networking device; it's a game-changer in the world of connectivity. Elevate your network to new heights of performance, security, and adaptability with the Uniway Q-64-10G. It's the key to unlocking a world of seamless, efficient, and highly customizable networking possibilities.