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Uniway UW - 4PON - L3

Uniway UW - 4PON - L3

The Uniway UW-4PON-L3 is a high-performance GPON OLT designed for modern network infrastructure. With quad PON ports, Layer 3 routing, high throughput, and advanced management, it ensures seamless data transmission. Built for reliability and security, it offers scalability to adapt to growing networks, making it the ideal choice for service providers and enterprises.


  1. Quad PON Ports: The Uniway UW-4PON-L3 is equipped with four PON (Passive Optical Network) ports, allowing it to serve up to 512 ONUs (Optical Network Units) simultaneously. This scalability makes it suitable for both small-scale deployments and large-scale network expansions.
  2. Layer 3 Routing: This OLT supports Layer 3 routing, enabling advanced networking capabilities. It can efficiently route traffic within your network, ensuring optimal data flow and low latency, making it ideal for applications that require real-time data transmission.
  3. High Throughput: With its high-performance hardware architecture, the UW-4PON-L3 delivers impressive throughput, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted data transmission even in bandwidth-intensive scenarios.
  4. Reliability: Uniway takes reliability seriously, and the UW-4PON-L3 is no exception. It features redundant power supply options and robust hardware components, minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted service delivery.
  5. Advanced Management: The OLT comes with a user-friendly management interface that simplifies configuration and monitoring. It supports remote management, making it easy to manage and maintain your network infrastructure.
  6. Security: Network security is paramount. The UW-4PON-L3 includes robust security features to protect against unauthorized access and ensure the integrity of your network data.
  7. Quality of Service (QoS): To prioritize critical services and applications, this OLT supports QoS features. You can ensure that high-priority traffic, such as VoIP and video streaming, receives the necessary bandwidth and low latency.
  8. Scalability: As your network grows, the UW-4PON-L3 can grow with it. Its modular design allows for easy expansion by adding more PON ports and ONUs as needed.

These features collectively make the Uniway UW-4PON-L3 a versatile and reliable solution for modern network infrastructure needs, offering high-performance, scalability, and advanced management and security features to meet the demands of service providers and enterprises.

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Product Details

The Uniway UW-4PON-L3 is a state-of-the-art GPON OLT (Gigabit Passive Optical Network Optical Line Terminal) that stands at the forefront of modern network infrastructure solutions. This OLT has been meticulously designed to cater to the ever-increasing demands of both service providers and enterprises alike, aiming to provide high-speed broadband and voice services to a diverse range of customers, including residential and business users. Its advanced features and robust construction make it an exceptional choice for those seeking reliable and efficient connectivity solutions.

At the core of the Uniway UW-4PON-L3 lies a commitment to performance, scalability, and versatility. Let's delve into these aspects further:

Performance Excellence: The Uniway UW-4PON-L3 is engineered to deliver outstanding performance. Its hardware architecture is optimized for high throughput, ensuring that data transmission is not only swift but also uninterrupted, even in scenarios with substantial bandwidth requirements. This makes it a dependable choice for network environments that demand consistent and high-quality connectivity.

Scalability for Growth: In a dynamic networking landscape, scalability is a critical consideration. The Uniway UW-4PON-L3 addresses this by offering a modular design that facilitates easy expansion. Whether your network needs grow gradually or experience rapid expansion, you can seamlessly scale your infrastructure by adding more PON ports and ONUs (Optical Network Units) as required.

Versatile Deployment: This GPON OLT is versatile and adaptable to a wide range of deployment scenarios. Whether you're a telecommunications service provider looking to offer high-speed broadband services to residential customers or an enterprise seeking a robust networking solution for your business operations, the Uniway UW-4PON-L3 can cater to your specific needs.

Reliability and Robustness: Uniway prioritizes reliability, and the UW-4PON-L3 reflects this commitment. It features redundant power supply options and incorporates robust hardware components that minimize downtime and ensure uninterrupted service delivery. This reliability is especially crucial in scenarios where connectivity is mission-critical.

Security and Data Integrity: In an era of increasing cyber threats, network security is paramount. The Uniway UW-4PON-L3 includes robust security features designed to safeguard against unauthorized access and protect the integrity of your network data. This ensures that your network remains secure and data remains confidential.

Ease of Management: The OLT comes equipped with a user-friendly management interface that simplifies configuration and monitoring tasks. It supports remote management, making it easy to oversee and maintain your network infrastructure, even if it spans a wide geographical area.

In summary, the Uniway UW-4PON-L3 is not just an ordinary GPON OLT; it's a comprehensive solution designed to meet the multifaceted challenges of modern network environments. With its unwavering focus on performance, scalability, reliability, security, and ease of management, it's poised to provide reliable and efficient connectivity for a variety of applications, making it a trusted choice for those seeking advanced networking solutions.