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Uniway UW-55H Splicing Machine

Uniway UW-55H Splicing Machine

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Introducing the Uniway UW-55H Fusion Splicer - Your Gateway to Seamless Optical Fiber Connectivity!

Unlock the power of optical fiber fusion like never before with the Uniway UW-55H, the culmination of a decade of relentless research and innovation. Our commitment to excellence shines through as we proudly present a fusion splicer designed to elevate your optical fiber splicing experience.

Unparalleled Fusion Precision:
Experience unmatched performance as the Uniway UW-55H expertly joins optical fibers, seamlessly fusing them together with precision. This fusion splicer is engineered to ensure that light traverses through the fibers without scattering or reflection, maintaining optical integrity.

Cutting-Edge Technology:
Years of dedication have yielded a masterpiece, boasting five patents for fusion splicer research. The UW-55H is the latest marvel, setting new standards with two additional patents for innovative technologies.

Versatile Fiber Compatibility:
The UW-55H is compatible with various fiber types, including Single Mode (SM), Multi-Mode (MM), Non-Zero Dispersion Shifted (NZ-DS), Erbium-Doped Fiber (EDF), Pigtail, Cable (rubber-insulated wire), and even SC/LC/FC connectors with optional functionality.

Exceptional Performance Metrics:
- Average Splice Loss: An impressive 0.02dB (SM), 0.01dB (MM), 0.04dB (NZDS), 0.04dB (EDF).
- Return Loss: ≥60dB.
- Tension Test: Standard 2.0N (200gf).
- Rapid Splicing: Achieve typical splicing times in just 6 seconds.
- Efficient Heating: Fast and efficient heating in approximately 15 seconds.

User-Friendly Features:
- Splicing Program: Store up to 50 groups for quick access.
- Protection Sleeve Compatibility: Choose from 40mm, 45mm, or 60mm sleeves.
- Operating Language: Seamlessly navigate with an intuitive English interface.
- Wide Operating Conditions: Reliable performance from -10°C to +50°C, 0~95% RH humidity, and up to 5000m altitude.
- Long Electrode Life: Enjoy more than 4000 splices before replacement.

Versatile Power Options:
- AC Adapter: Wide input voltage range (100~240V) and 12V, 5A output.
- Inner Lithium Battery: Equipped with an 11.1V, 6AH battery for up to 250 splices with heating (5200mAh capacity).

High-Resolution Display:
View your splicing projects in detail on the 5-inch high-resolution, colorful LCD display.

Fiber Inspection:
Inspect fiber closely with separately adjustable 400 times magnification on X or Y axes or simultaneously at 300 times magnification.

Extensive Splice Result Storage:
Save up to 6,000 groups of your latest splice results for future reference.

Splicing Modes:
Choose between Auto, Manual, and Full Auto modes to suit your specific needs.

Compact and Lightweight:
The UW-55H is designed for portability, with dimensions of 120(W)*120(D)*130(H)mm and a weight of just 1.29kg (without battery packing). The package size is 43*32*28cm, with a package G.W. of 8kg.

Long Warranty for Peace of Mind:
Backed by a standard 2-year warranty, the Uniway UW-55H is built to last.

Experience the future of fusion splicing with the Uniway UW-55H, where precision, innovation, and versatility meet to create a seamless optical fiber connection. Elevate your connectivity solutions with the fusion splicer that sets the bar higher than ever before.