Uniway Q-64-UW-200

Uniway Q-64-UW-200

UW200 DTV head-end processor is the newest generation of professional head-end processing equipment. This 1-U case comes with 3 independent module slots, and it can be combined with different modules as your head-end system according to your operation requirements. Each module can be configured individually based on the applications including encoding, decoding, trans-coding, multiplexing, descrambling and modulating processing. UW200 head-end processor brings a whole new level of intelligence and high performance to the network at a cost effective price.


* Modularized plug-in design, 1U chassis and 3 slots
* Support flexible combination of any different type of modules
* Maximum 800M data processing
* Support 1 GE bi-direction(Data port), RJ45 interface
* Support Web management, Update via web

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Introducing Uniway Q-64-UW-200: Your Modular Connectivity Solution

Discover the Uniway Q-64-UW-200, a cutting-edge networking marvel designed to revolutionize your connectivity experience. This innovative product features a modularized plug-in design within a sleek 1U chassis, boasting 3 slots that support a flexible combination of various modules. With a staggering maximum data processing capacity of 800M, this device ensures lightning-fast data transmission, meeting the demands of modern digital environments.

Flexible Configuration, Maximum Versatility: The Uniway Q-64-UW-200 offers unparalleled flexibility with its modular approach. Tailor your network infrastructure according to your specific needs, thanks to its support for different module types. Whether you require enhanced security, higher bandwidth, or specialized functionality, this device adapts to your requirements seamlessly.

Swift Data Transfer with Gigabit Ethernet: Experience rapid data transfer through the 1 GE bi-directional data port, equipped with an RJ45 interface. Enjoy stable, high-speed connections for seamless file transfers, smooth multimedia streaming, and lag-free online gaming. The Uniway Q-64-UW-200 ensures your digital activities run effortlessly.

User-Friendly Web Management: Take control of your network with ease using the Uniway Q-64-UW-200's intuitive Web management interface. Effortlessly configure settings, monitor performance, and optimize your network for peak efficiency. Stay in charge of your connectivity experience, all accessible through a user-friendly web interface.

Seamless Updates for Uninterrupted Performance: Keeping your network up-to-date has never been simpler. The Uniway Q-64-UW-200 supports hassle-free updates via the web. Ensure your device is always equipped with the latest features and security enhancements, guaranteeing a reliable and secure network experience for you and your users.

The Uniway Q-64-UW-200 is more than just a networking device; it's a gateway to a future where customization meets speed, and simplicity meets sophistication. Embrace the power of modular connectivity and elevate your network to unprecedented heights with Uniway Q-64-UW-200. Your pathway to seamless, efficient, and adaptable networking starts here.